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US Lifts Arms Embargo on Vietnam Despite 'Dire' Human Rights Record

Relations with Vietnam have become critical amid China's growing military might — so a historic embargo with a former foe still described as a "police state" is being lifted.
Reuters and VICE News
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The US Is Selling Weapons to Taiwan — That's Going to Really Piss Off Beijing

There aren't really any good times for the US to sell high-tech weapons, only less bad times. And one of those times happens to be right now.
Torie Rose DeGhett
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Do Israel's New Fighter Jets Mean Stealth Is Going Out of Style?

For decades, military planners have touted the age of the stealth airplane. But an order for new jets from the Israeli Air Force tells us it may all be coming to an end.
Ryan Faith

Why Are the French Selling Russian Weapons To Egypt? Mistral Saga, Part Deux

The failed French warship deal with Russia takes a new, strange turn as France tries to sell them to Egypt, becoming a Russian arms broker in the process.
Torie Rose DeGhett
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If the US Won't Sell You Weapons, France Might Still Hook You Up

More than simply an economic boon, major French arms deals with Middle Eastern countries make for complex international politics — full of nationalism, opportunism, and moral compromise.
Torie Rose DeGhett

The UK is Going to Send Billions in Arms Exports to Countries on the Human Rights Blacklist

Parliamentarians urged the British government to be "significantly more cautious" about approving arms exports to authoritarian regimes, noting a conflict in promoting arms agreements while criticizing human rights abuses.
Katie Engelhart