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Judge Blocks Auction of Tupac's Controversial Break-Up Letter to Madonna

The auction also included Madonna's panties, hairbrush, and correspondences about her hatred for Sharon Stone and Whitney Houston.


A Futuristic Table Doubles as a Digital Art Display

Table.Video by Label Dalbin and Ambroise Maggiar is a new plaything for wealthy collectors and a fascinating challenge for artists.


Memphis Makes a Bet on Unlikely Philanthropists—Millennials | #50StatesofArt

How a Tennessee nonprofit is leveraging the financial and social influence of young professionals to boost the Memphis arts community.


This Algorithm Reveals Trump’s Top Financiers in the Art World

Meet the anonymous coders leveraging "art hacktivism" for greater transparency into the political affiliations of monied collectors.


'The Artist and the Art Collector,' Today's Comic by Anna Haifisch

This week the Artist tells you about the relationship between artists and collectors.


$40 Jeff Koons, "Vagina Artist" Fined: Last Week in Art

Last week was filled with record-breaking (and downright mysterious) art sales, news-worthy selfies, and the artist f.k.a. George W. Bush.