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This Awkward FMV Game Will Be Shown at the Smithsonian

‘The Awkward Steve Duology’ is a delightfully goofy FMV game about a socially anxious dude.
Danielle Riendeau

These Artists Want to Cure Your Winter Depression with Vitamin D 'Acid Blotters'

Studio C&C is staging an exhibition in reaction to seasonal affective disorder, a form of depression often experienced during winter.
Toby Moore
Thinkpieces And Shit

Musicians Are Coming Up With Original Ways to Make Money

From PJ Harvey and TLC to Wu Tang, Run The Jewels and Nipsey Hussle— it's becoming less about “how much is this?” and more “how much do I fucking love this?”
Joe Zadeh

The Best of Myanmar's Censored Art

For nearly 50 years the country's socialist government banned artworks for often seemingly arbitrary reasons.
Zach Sokol

This 30-Foot Plastic Bubble Hosts An Oculus Rift-Enhanced ASMR Experience

BrittanyASMR and LaTurbo Avedon collaborated with VIA Festival to create this virtual reality "spa" experience.
Jeff Ihaza

Meet The Artist Who Launched The First Kickstarter-Powered Art Exhibition

Using the crowd-funding platform as a medium, Krystal South created a one-of-a-kind exhibition format.
Benoit Palop

Chances with Wolves DJ Kenan Juska to Unveil 526 Collages in Red Hook This Sunday

Kenan Juska's new exhibition, Daily Operation, brings together 526 sequential collages made of garbage found on the streets of New York between March 2005 and November 2008.
Matthew Leifheit

Tim Freccia on Life and Death

The spirit of Freccia's new exhibition, Life and Death, a series of portraits of the Nuer White Army and their Dinka adversaries, has little to do with documenting danger. Instead, Freccia's life-size photographs examine people engaged in...
Giancarlo T. Roma