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‘Art Sqool’ Is a Game About Following Your Passion in an Exploitative World

Wait, shit, is this a scam?
Cameron Kunzelman

Can a Video Game Make You Belatedly Appreciate Brutalism?

'Fugue In Void' is a hard-edged game about Brutalism and inescapable architectural detail.
Cameron Kunzelman
Night in the Woods

The Small Town Story of 'Night in the Woods' Is Even Better on a Big Screen

Infinite Fall’s examination of small-town modern life looks and plays even better on a big screen.
Danielle Riendeau
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This Planet Wants You To Improve It, but It Won't Like Anything You Do

Will 'This Little Planet' ever be perfect? It's a hard ask.
Jordan Mallory
indie games

'Gorogoa' Doesn't Explain Itself, but That Doesn't Stop It from Being Great

We need more games that expand our horizons, and this little indie puzzle game accomplishes that.
Cameron Kunzelman
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‘The Zium Museum’ is an Art Gallery You Can Download

Take that lunch hour museum visit you keep pretending you’re going to do.
Bruno Dias
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Make Your Own Pearler Without Spilling 4 Million Beads Everywhere

Even if it’s a little ugly, it’ll still end up on the fridge because YOU made it, and that’s what matters.
Jordan Mallory
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This Dreamlike Game Feels Like Playing an Art Film

'watering a flower' skewered my expectations around what I think a short, dreamlike game can do.
Cameron Kunzelman

Here It Is, the Addicting Vaporwave Bottle Flipping Game We’ve Always Wanted

Say goodbye to your afternoon.
Emerson Rosenthal
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‘Ernő & Rubï’ Experiments with Rubik’s Cube–Like Storytelling

All solutions are correct in Mike Mezhenin’s Ludum Dare 37 game.
Nicole Carpenter

'Fragments of Him' Is an Affecting Interactive Reflection on Loss

It doesn't matter how great a gamer you are, you can't undo the sadness that runs through this unique indie experience.
Mike Diver
VICE vs Video games

‘The Witness’ Is 2016’s First Absolutely Essential Video Game

Jonathan Blow's comeback is a magical achievement that has little to do with video gaming precedent.
David Whelan