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Lucy Sparrow Spent a Year Sewing 31,000 Products for Her All-Felt Grocery Store

Every adorable item is for sale, with prices starting at $1.


An Artist Challenged Corporations to Steal Her Biometric Data by Putting it on a Billboard

Jillian Mayer reclaims her personal data from corporations in a guerrilla advertising campaign.


This Giant Kaleidoscope​ is Really a Rave Cave

'Light Origami,' by artist Masakazu Shirane, is a walk-in dome that bends and weaves light.


Artist Casper Braat Bought 1,000 Hamburgers Because It’s Art

Morrissey would hate this exhibit.


Cardboard IKEA House and Rocking Horse Cutouts Tackle Social Inequity

Sura Haarp takes a stand against socio-political inequalities with cardboard installations.


Artist Reframes Islam Through Working Class Britain

British artist Catherine Borowski finds identity in her mother’s death.


A Pot-Themed Bodega Wraps New York City in a Cloud of Pop Art

Ron English and 'High Times' meet in the kushy middle to create a bodega full of marijuana-themed merchandise.


England's 'Mind Control Tower' Is a Spiritual Reminder of War History

For the Estuary 2016 festival, artist Heidi Wigmore reclaims a military structure for the public.


Artist Builds Political House of Horrors Just in Time for Election Season

With upcoming haunted house, 'Doomocracy,' Pedro Reyes asks, "Who’s scarier, Michael Myers or Donald J. Trump?"


Dancers Fill an Electric Void with a Slow-Burning Ballet

A hybrid dance performance and art projection examines love in the digital age.


A Bird Skull Turntable Playing Bird Songs Is Horrifying

Oh, and hey Mr. DJ—spin that record with a tortilla chip needle, too.


Monumental 'Golgotha' Sculpture Casts the Crucifixion in Coat Hangers

Artist David Mach captures the agony of Christ in an unconventional medium.