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Queer Stories Reign Supreme at the Oakland Museum of California

On April 13, the museum will debut a exhibit dedicated to telling queer narratives that include a dandy bachelor in a Japanese internment camp, commemorative art for Compton’s Cafeteria Riot, and more.


Art Museums Need to Address Colonialist Theft—Not Diversity

The Museum of Modern Art will close this summer to include more works from artists of color. Activists say this does little to reconcile centuries of exploitation.


‘The Zium Museum’ is an Art Gallery You Can Download

Take that lunch hour museum visit you keep pretending you’re going to do.


A New Art Museum Stands on a Former Plantation in the Congo

By constructing an art center in one of the most disenfranchised parts of the world, activists want to ensure that the intellectual and financial benefits of art accumulate there, instead of places like New York and Berlin.


All the Museums Welcoming the Pokémon Epidemic | Insta of the Week

The best art museums in the world are embracing our new Pokémon overlords.