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Let's Face It, You're Watching the Super Bowl This Weekend

Let's hear it for some football. The American version. With the football and the commercials. Gee, I hope someone wins...
VICE Staff
Art shows

Pablo Power and Schoolly D Take on the 'Philly vs. New York' Rivalry

Now's your last chance to see the exhibition while its up at the Okay Space in Brooklyn.
Nathaniel Ainley
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Check Out Nick and Penelope Gazin's New Gallery Show in LA This Weekend

'Gazinizag' opens Saturday at Superchief LA, with DJ sets from Nick and King Tuff and an acoustic set from Rikky Gage.
River Donaghey

I Got an Art Student to Explain London's Freize Art Fair to Me

As it was my first time to Frieze, and I know as much about art as your grandma knows about the gender binary, I got a friend who is a hoity-toity art student at the Royal Academy to look at it with me.
Joe Bish
daily vice

We Talk Politics with Champion Surfer Kelly Slater

On this episode of 'Daily VICE', we head to Venice beach to talk about his new art show 'Apolitical Process'.
VICE Staff
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VICE Art Editor Nick Gazin Is Throwing a Party to Celebrate the Opening of His New Show

Come to the opening reception of 'Hello Badmind' from 6 PM until 10 PM at World Money Gallery in Brooklyn.
VICE Staff
The Artist

The Artist Makes Something New in This Week's Comic from Anna Haifisch

"How can something so wonderful turn into such a mess?!"
Anna Haifisch

Nick Zinner Is Nailing 601 Photos to a Wall in LA This Weekend

The show is a collection of his favorite images from the past 20 years of traveling the globe with his pals and bandmates.
Benjamin Shapiro

An Artist Goes to a Clichéd Art Show in This Week's Comic from Anna Haifisch

Anna Haifisch's weekly comic "The Artist" is about the common annoyances of being an artist dealing with other artists.
Anna Haifisch
The VICE Guide to Right Now

VICE's Art Editor, Nick Gazin, Is Putting On an Art Show in LA on Friday

Stop by the Mishka LA store Friday night and spend some time with our favorite artist.
River Donaghey

Talking Cheap Art with Actor Turned Artist Leo Fitzpatrick

The former "Kids" star has now made a name for himself by opening galleries where none of the artwork is for sale.
Caisa Ederyd

One Version of Events: Neil Goldberg at Participant, Inc.

In 'One Version of Events', now on view at Participant Inc, artist Neil Goldberg focuses on eating and being eaten.
Joseph Keckler