artisan bread


My Declaration of Independence from Bad Bread

It’s our duty to stop buying bad bread and start buying the good shit, the real shit.
Adam Leonti

A Pizza Baker Was Mistakenly Shot In the Recent Terror Attack in Bangladesh

The baker was mistakenly shot by police during the military operation intended to free those being held captive during the 12-hour siege at the bakery in Dhaka this past Saturday.
Alex Swerdloff

How a Pot-Dealing Suburban Boy Became Miami’s Best Baker

“I wanted something more, and I decided to search for that. Some people go searching to India for spirituality; I went into the countryside of Europe searching for country wisdom.”
Alex Swerdloff

How to Eat Off the Grid in LA

This Los Angeles-based family homeschools their three young boys and feed them almost nothing but food that they grow, smoke, ferment, milk, bake, and cook themselves.
Javier Cabral

Baking Taught Me the Art of Being Chill

Bakers are like chill hippies who totally live it up, and your average cook at a restaurant couldn’t be anything further from that, so I switched careers and never looked back.
Alex Phaneuf
venice beach

Why There's a Controversy Surrounding This Artisanal Bakery in Venice

California's Venice beach is changing fast, with Google, Snapchat, and more high-end restaurants taking up more of its real estate every day. Meet the young, baker entrepreneur who has been the poster child for the area's transformation.
William Fowler

One of the World's Best Bakers Is Considering Turning to Robots for Help

The James Beard Award-winning baker from San Francisco's Tartine Bakery wants to bring his legendary handmade loaves to the masses, even if that means depending on robots to do some of his bread making.
John Birdsall

Food Heaven Is a British Motorway Service Station

British motorway service stations are more than just toilets serving oil-slicked fry ups and fish and chips—they are our collective cultural convenience, a marble run of parallel and un-touching lives.
Nell Frizzell