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Solange Doesn't Give a Shit About "Entertainment," But She's Working Anyway

In an interview with Billboard, Solange details life beyond 'A Seat at the Table.'


Artist of the Year: The Black Madonna On the Beautiful Paradox of Being a Catholic DJ

"I poured myself into dance music and discovered God isn't silent. God is loud."


Loving You Is Complicated: Why Kendrick Lamar Is the Artist of the Year

The depth of Kendrick’s statement, and the sociopolitical ramifications still undulating out of it, are the reasons he is the artist of the year.


Ride the Wild Haze: Why Beach Slang Is the Artist of the Year

In just over a year, the Philadelphia band went from having four songs to their name to being rock's fastest rising stars.


Death, Glory, and Triumph: Why Iron Maiden Is the Artist of the Year

Forty years in, this British heavy metal institution is still pushing boundaries, cheating death, and slaying bands half their age.


Captain, Not the Crony: Why Speedy Ortiz Is the Artist of the Year

On top of their dynamite record 'Foil Deer,' Speedy Ortiz have established themselves as a fearless band in a time when it's not safe to be bold.


Baptized Inside Purple Actavis: Why Future Is the Artist of the Year

In an electrifying career reorientation, Future showed why he deserves a place in the rap canon this year.