artist profiles


Kara Walker Showed Me the Horror of American Life

Kara Walker's art hurts—and that's a good thing.


CGI and Stone Short Film Takes You Inside an Artist's 'Head'

'Once Upon an Artist' finds Rubén Fuentes Fuertes sending a sculpture into the stratosphere.


Giant Solar Mosaic Captures the Beauty of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Spiritual dreamer and Echo Park artist Randy Lawrence wants to invite you into his sculptural slice of Heaven.


Asian Rap's Biggest Fan Is a White Guy from Staten Island

The paucity of successful Asian-American rappers converts into a scarcity of fans. But to one man, a white man from Staten Island, Asian-American rap is the world. His devotion is rare and real enough to make an impact on the artists themselves.


The Trippy Art (and Trippier Life) of Occult Artist Marjorie Cameron

Twenty years after her death, Marjorie Cameron Parsons Kimmel finally has the spotlight.


Working-Class Artists Still Exist in Philadelphia

It's not New York—and it's not trying to be.


Mira Calix Creates a Labyrinth of Sound and Storytelling Out of Paper

For 'Inside There Falls,' artist Mira Calix has created a large-scale paper ellipse that marries sound with structure and storytelling.


Andrew Kuo Talks Art, Sports, and Obsession

We talked to Andrew Kuo about his upcoming Art + Sports talk with Ari Marcopoulos and Kelefa Sanneh at NeueHouse.