artist residency


In Central Utah, a Contemporary Art Center Puts Community First | #50StatesofArt

The Central Utah Art Center helps artists contextualize their own artwork and build new peer relationships.


This Artists' Residency Occupies the Guest Room of a Website

You already live on the internet—why not take up an artists' residency there?


This Sunday, 17 Womyn Artists Hold a Performance in Nature

'RECHARGE/HER' is the product of a weeklong womyn-only, tech-free residency program in Connecticut.


7 Artists Take On an Unusual Artist Residency in Times Square

Seven artists, one giant office, and one ambitious curator: 'Work in Progress' isn't your average residency.


Meet Latin America's First Eco-Friendly Cultural Center

Artist Francisco Toledo integrates Oaxaca’s tradition for arts and crafts to new art audiences.


The Artists' Residency at the End of the World

Each year, the National Science Foundation accepts proposals for artists and writers hoping to chill out in Antarctica.


Deepdreaming a Fully-Explorable Fractal Planet

Matteo Zamagni creates a projection-mapped cube for VR meditation.