Arto Saari

    • 5.5.14

      Flip Skateboards’ Newest Pro, Louie Lopez, Is All Grown-Up

      Despite being a child prodigy, Louie Lopez has somehow managed to remain grounded and avoid the toxic mix of shitty attitudes and inflated egos that often plague young people who are really good at balancing on pieces of wood.

    • 6.14.12

      Arto Saari

      If almost dying and grinding the biggest hand rails wasn't enough to give to skateboarding, Arto is now letting us enjoy his photographic talents.

    • 6.7.12

      Arto Saari

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    • 5.24.12

      Arto Saari

      Arto's finally in California now and hanging out with straight edge vegans. What a bummer! Don't worry, they're actually pretty cool and good role models for a young skater like Arto.

    • 5.17.12

      Arto Saari

      At this point in young Arto's story, he's decided to commit his life to skateboarding and is on his way to America to fulfill his destiny by joining the elite Flip team.

    • 5.10.12

      Arto Saari

      Arto Saari's story is nothing short of miraculous. Obviously he's naturally gifted and skated his ass off as a kid, but his rise to prominence is like no one else's.

    • 5.3.12

      Arto Saari - Trailer

      Back like a bat out hell, Epicly Later'd kicks off its fifth year of production with Arto Saari. Arto's story has it all, from the skate-fairy tale beginning of his career to his awe-inspiring video parts and near death handrail experiences.