Ashley Madison hack


Ashley Madison Must End ‘Misleading’ Practices or Go to Court, Watchdog Says

It's another black eye for the beleaguered company.


Lawsuit: Ashley Madison Harassed and Threatened Owner of

The insane saga of a website that tried to take on Ashley Madison.


Change Your Ashley Madison Password, 'Cause It Might Not Be All That Uncrackable

Despite strong encryption, one group claims to have cracked over 11 million of the leaked passwords already.


Ashley Madison Says Gizmodo Report that Women Don't Really Use the Site Is Wrong

Nearly 90,000 women signed up last week, the company says.


The CEO of Ashley Madison's Parent Company Is Stepping Down in Wake of Hack

"This change is in the best interest of the company," a statement forwarded to press reads.


Check Out Ashley Madison's Aborted App That Assigned Dollar Values to Wives

As apps go, this one is pretty douchey.


Hackers Think a Dark Web 'Zine Is the Secret to $376K Ashley Madison Bounty

The site where the data was originally dumped is being targeted.


Someone Cracked 4000 Ashley Madison Passwords, And Loads of Them Are Awful

"Password," "123456," and "fuckme" appear a lot.


​Ashley Madison Founder Apparently Co-Wrote a 100-Page Movie Script

It's called "In Bed with Ashley Madison," and it's actually pretty funny.


Ashley Madison's Founder Wanted to Hack a Competing Site to Steal Emails

After an associate found a vulnerability in the site, the CEO said he wanted to steal the email addresses.


'Security Was An Afterthought,' Hacked Ashley Madison Emails Show

Typically, PR came first for the site's bosses.


Hackers Dump More Ashley Madison Data

A new dump appears to be twice as large as the last.