Ashraf Ghani


Trump says Taliban peace talks are "proceeding well." Experts say latest deal is a surrender.

“All that Washington cares about at this point is getting out, without having to admit defeat.”
Tim Hume
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In exclusive interview, Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani insists Trump's Taliban strategy is working

Afghanistan’s president says that if U.S. troops were to withdraw, the country would become a breeding ground for terrorism.

The Taliban just rejected peace talks and partly blamed Trump

The group pledged that its 2018 campaign would focus on the U.S. military.
Tim Hume

Afghanistan is dangling a big olive branch to bring the Taliban to the table

“We are making this offer without preconditions in order to lead to a peace agreement,” said President Ghani.
Tim Hume

Afghanistan has collapsed into chaos

Ben Anderson

Islamic State claims Kabul attack that killed at least 61

The suicide attack targeted Afghanistan's Shiite Hazara minority, who had gathered in the thousands on Saturday for a protest against the route of an electrical line.
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Orlando Gunman's Father Says God — Not His Son — Should Punish Gay People

"The punishment for homosexuality is upon God and he will decide on them not humans," said Seddique Mir Mateen, father of Orlando gunman Omar Mateen.
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World Leaders Gather in London for Anti-Corruption Summit — But There's an 'Elephant in the Room'

VICE News attended British Prime Minister David Cameron's anti-corruption summit in London, which saw world leaders come together to discuss transparency and stolen assets.
Sally Hayden
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The Taliban Is Running Amok and Killing Policemen in Afghanistan's Opium Heartland

The insurgents, who largely control the Afghan drug trade, are flush with cash and new recruits after the lucrative poppy harvest in Helmand province.
Avi Asher-Schapiro
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Dozens Killed in Kabul in First Taliban Attack of Spring Offensive

At least 28 people were killed and more than 300 injured when Taliban militants detonated a truck bomb and fought a gun battle near a government building during morning rush hour.
VICE News and Reuters
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Afghanistan Braces for Tough Fighting Season as Taliban Announces Spring Offensive

'Jihad against the aggressive and usurping infidel army is a holy obligation upon our necks,' said a Taliban statement, as they announced the start of this year's fighting season.
Reuters News Agency
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Three Rockets Hit Kabul During Surprise Visit by US Secretary of State John Kerry

Kerry dropped in on Afghanistan to show support for a government that has faltered in the face of a weak economy, political infighting, and the Taliban insurgency.
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