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Indonesia's Alleged Human Rights Abuse in West Papua Is Getting International Attention

Allegations of "extrajudicial executions, fatal shootings of peaceful demonstrators, and persistent violence against Papuan women​" were raised at the UN this week.


Thailand detained teenage activist Joshua Wong because China asked it to

Last year Wong was denied entry into Malaysia, where he was supposed to speak about democracy.


Thailand confirms first microcephaly cases linked to Zika

The U.S. issued new advice for pregnant women traveling to Southeast Asia, now the region has reported cases of the birth defect connected to the Zika virus.


Duterte drops f-bomb on EU over criticism of Philippines drug war

President Rodrigo Duterte wagged his middle finger in the air and said, "Fuck you" to the European Union over a request to halt the killing of drug suspects.


Thailand's government is using child 'Cyber Scouts' to monitor dissent

The Thai government is recruiting citizens, including children, to spy on each other on social media in order to spot anyone criticizing the royal family.


Hillary Clinton's probably too late to keep her word about North Korea's nukes

Clinton says she would “not allow” Kim Jong-un to develop a nuclear warhead, but experts say that will happen soon if it hasn’t already.


Philippine president warns that terrorists could 'really kill' American troops

"Americans, they will really kill them, they will try to kidnap them to get ransom," Rodrigo Duterte said of Islamic State affiliate Abu Sayyaf in a speech on Monday.


North Korea will probably keep testing nukes no matter what the US does

Kim Jong-un’s regime has repeatedly made a mockery of international sanctions designed to stop the country’s development of nuclear weapons.


Philippine president regrets calling Obama a 'son of a bitch'

The spat began on Monday when a reporter asked how he planned to explain to Obama his support for more than 2,000 extrajudicial killings of drug suspects.


Uzbekistan’s president is probably dead — but the government won't confirm it

Islam Karimov's death was revealed by the Turkish prime minister on Friday, hours after the Uzbek government acknowledged Karimov was seriously ill.


Bangladesh police say they killed the masterminds of the Dhaka cafe attack

The three suspects – believed to be behind the attack in an embassy area which left 22 dead – were holed up in a residence on the capital's outskirts.


Americans are fighting and dying again in southern Afghanistan

American troops just returned to southern Helmand province to help defeat a Taliban offensive that threatens the provincial capital, and one US service member has already been killed.