The Australian Government Started Tracking Your Online Moves Last Night

Everything you need to know about metadata retention and how you're affected.


Terrorists Stole This Guy's Identity and Used it to Recruit Young Women

You know you're in trouble when terrorist hackers send you a satellite photo of you outside your house.


Even a Government Researcher Has Disowned the Book Linking Greenies to Terrorism

An Australian Government handbook details how an environmental protester named "Karen" falls into violent extremism. We spoke to a contributor who is "having a lot of trouble relating to it."


Breaking Down the Official Review of the Siege in Martin Place

The story it tells of the 'Sydney siege' gunman, particularly of his encounters with ASIO and the AFP, is deeply strange.


Australia's Former Intelligence Chief Is in an Awkward Position Ahead of Sydney Siege Inquiry

Australia is conducting a complete review of law enforcement, intelligence, immigration, and justice following the Sydney Siege, but the role of one former intelligence chief in the government could cast a shadow over it.


Changes to Australian Security Laws Will Make Illegally Obtained Evidence Permisable in Court

It will also grant intelligence personnel immunity when they break the law, allow the use tracking devices without warrants, and increase jail terms from 2 to 10 years for leaking information. More stunningly, the bill is being passed by politicians...


New Australian Anti-Terror Laws Could Bring the Mandatory Recording of Private Data

The government says the changes are being made due to the internal security threat posed by Australian jihadists. Advocates disagree.


New Australian Anti-Terror Laws Could See the Mandatory Recording of Your Private Data

The government wants to expand Australia’s anti-terrorism laws due to the internal security threat posed by Australian jihadists returning from oversea. Civil liberty advocates disagree with that.


Projecting Abbott's Eastbound Offensive Offensive

Having pissed of Malaysia, Indonesia, and East Timor (in that order) foreign relations under Abbott has finally found some direction: east.