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The Science Behind Why You Keep Smashing Replay on That One Song

I have a legitimate problem with repeat listens, so I called a music professor and brain scientist for answers.
Alfred Maddox
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We Asked a Lawyer If Jason Derulo Really Owes a Students' Union $26,000

Some British college students at Keele University​ are having a go at Jason Derulo on Twitter for not performing at their school earlier this year.
Noisey UK Staff
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A Sociologist Explains Why You Get Depressed After Festivals

Humans define themselves in relation to others, and it sucks to leave that behind.
Reid Barton-Golden
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A Lawyer Explains How to Take a Sexual Misconduct Case to Court in the Music Industry

We talk to civil rights attorney Lisa Bloom​, who has represented accusers of Bill O’Reilly, Bill Cosby, and Donald Trump, about what's needed, what happens, and what's at stake when trying sexual harassment and assault.
Andrea Domanick
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We Asked a Filmmaker to Rank the MTV VMA ‘Best Editing’ Nominees

Objectively speaking, does the Weeknd tell a smoother visual story than, say, Chainsmokers?
Maddy Smith
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We Asked a Sword Instructor to Judge Lupe Fiasco’s Use of a Blade

In a move we didn't see coming, we found ourselves along the way.
Phil Witmer
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We Asked a Doctor If 56 Xanax in One Month Is Really That Crazy

Apparently taking Xanax has the same effect as just getting really, really drunk.
Slava Pastuk
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Why Are So Many High Profile Artists Against Letting Photographers Own Their Own Pictures?

We asked a lawyer why photographers are having to sign their rights away to take pictures of artists like Taylor Swift and the Foo Fighters.
Ryan Bassil
we asked a smart person

Why Are Festival Comedowns So Awful? We Asked a Doctor

We asked Tim Williams, a Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist, why post-festival comedowns are a thing and how we can deal with them.
David Hillier

Is Music a Language and Can It Teach Us How to Speak? We Asked a Neuroscientist

Turns out that jazz kid you hated on at school might have been onto something.
Huw Oliver