What It's Like to Be Super Freaking High at One of the World's Fanciest Food Festivals

Joy is a place where you can be high as hell with a bacon-wrapped banh mi hot dog in one hand and a paddlefish caviar canapé in the other.
Ricki Askin and Kristin Genovese
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A Dick-Drawing Prank Allegedly Drove a Man to Arson

"Can't you just work with me, bro? I was thinking irrationally."
Drew Schwartz
art crime

Hat Wearing Slasher Knifes $3M Painting in Aspen

We spoke with the owner of the Opera Gallery about the bizarre, downright scary act of vandalism.
Nathaniel Ainley
Crystal Palace

Aspen Artists Unite in The Crystal Palace for ‘All The Feels’ Exhibition

Two-faced monsters and psychedelic asteroid fields meet in the historic art space.
DJ Pangburn

Colorado's Great Divide: Oil and the Environment

Colorado's Thompson Divide — one of the largest remaining roadless areas in the West — is caught in a bureaucratic stranglehold that pits industry against community and government agency against government agency.
Ari Ratner

Teens Are Being Trapped in Abusive 'Drug Rehab Centers'

The methods used at these facilities are arguably traceable to an anti-drug cult in the 60s called the Church of Synanon. Their method was to abduct addicts and then “rehabilitate” them through beatings and humiliation. Former patients have been airing...
Matt Shea
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

A Thirst for War

I hung out with the nice guy of SOFEX. He sells water purifiers.
Matt Yoka

Friendly Skies

I'm a culture junkie and I need a variety of RESOURCES at my disposal at all times. If I somehow forget to buy my Cigar Aficionado at the airport, I'm on a six-hour flight with nothing but my head up my ass.
Jon Benjamin