High Art

Taxidermists Are Seriously Turning Deer Butts into Assquatches

The anus is where you make it or break it.
Mack Lamoureux

Things We Find Gross About Ourselves That Our Partners Find Hot

"I used to get ringworms quite a lot, my ex was fascinated by it."
Nilu Haidari
This is a thing

I Went to a Party for a 'Hip' Bidet and It Made Me Feel Like an Asshole

The celebration of a new toilet attachment had everything—butt massage, nude models, turd-shaped cookies—but subtlety.
Alex Norcia
The VICE Guide to Right Now

American Tourists Could Go to Prison for Taking Butt Selfies in Thailand

They posed bare-ass in front of a Buddhist temple in Bangkok, which could leave them behind bars for a decade.
Drew Schwartz
The VICE Guide to Right Now

​Canadian Mint Employee Accused of Stealing $135,000 in Gold via His Ass

Luxury living.
Jake Kivanc

The Secret World of Tiny Phones That Go Inside Your Butt

Available from Amazon and popular in prison, these phones carry reviews like: "No anal problems!!! Didn't hurt my bum at all thanks guys :)"
Peter Robinson

Is Pooping Out Bespoke Jewelry the Future of Luxury?

Designer Nikolas Gregory created the Ripley, an art project that has everything a human theoretically needs to shit personalized jewelry out of their ass.
Mark Hay

Nicki Minaj Gets Competitive with Her Butt in Today's Comic by Ida Eva Neverdahl

Who do people love, Nicki or her butt? She isn't certain.
Ida Eva Neverdahl

Meet the Professor Who Wrote an Entire Book About Buttholes' Place in Culture

"The one thing that unites us is the butt. We all have one, have access to it, and we sit on it for most of the day. That's what's so interesting to me," says Jonathan Allan.
Devin Pacholik
Chemsex Week

This Is Your Sex on Drugs

Some drugs can open you up to complete ecstasy, while others are complete boner killers.
Mark Hay

Getting Behind America's Anal Sex Fetish

This is how legal brothels, sex toy retail, and porn video production are responding to the increasing number of heterosexual men and women who like to stick stuff up their butts.
Mark Hay

Group Sex Is a Logistical Nightmare

Real life is not like a porno, where hot women wander into your apartment and start taking off their clothes. If you want to make your foray into group sex, you've got to plan ahead.
Paul Willis