A History of the King Family's Attempt to Clear the Name of James Earl Ray

Martin Luther King's son and convicted killer were on friendly terms.


How Illegal Homebrewing in Teetotaling Saudi Arabia Changed My Life

I am the founder of The Brooklyn Brewery, but I owe my success in the beer business to an unlikely country, Saudi Arabia, where people have been publicly whipped and sometimes beheaded for producing and selling alcoholic beverages.


How Egypt Made Soccer a National Security Issue

The government is cracking down on fans in what many believe is a campaign of revenge led by the state security forces that dominated Egypt before the revolution.


Talking to the Brother of the Man Who Assassinated an Israeli Prime Minister

Nineteen years ago, on November 4, 1995, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was murdered by a young right-wing militant named Yigal Amir. I spoke to Yigal's brother and accomplice, Hagai.


Texas is the Reason: The Death of JFK and Danzig's Shining Moment

Or, how a national tragedy spawned a national treasure.