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This New Yorker Hired a Hitman to 'Take Care of' His Noisy Neighbors, Feds Say

Apparently knocking on the door wasn't working.
Drew Schwartz
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FBI Really Wanted America to Believe Oswald Killed JFK, Files Show

The 2,891 recently released files shed light on the hectic aftermath of the assassination, as well as a significant memo from J. Edgar Hoover.
Drew Schwartz
true crime

I Was on an Executioner's Hit List

After two prosecutors were gunned down in cold blood, Erleigh Wiley was named the new DA in a panicked suburban Dallas county. Turned out she was a target, too.
Seth Ferranti
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Suspect in Kim Jong-nam Assassination Says She Thought It Was a TV Prank

Indonesia's national police chief says the woman claims that she's taken part in stunts where she sprays men in the face with water and allegedly thought this was a similar gag.
VICE Staff
Ask A Lawyer

A Lawyer Explains What Kind of Trouble You Can Get in for Joking About Shooting Clinton or Trump

When does a Facebook rant or a slogan at a rally turn into a crime?
Jay Stephens
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Cops Detained a Guy for Joking at a Bar About Killing Trump

A 28-year-old history teacher says he was hanging at a Brooklyn sports bar Saturday and the conversation turned to politics. That's when shit got weird.
Matt Taylor
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Watch Natalie Portman Don the Pillbox Hat in the First Trailer for 'Jackie'

The film will focus on the First Lady's 'LIFE Magazine' interview and brings us into the fragile moments following President John F. Kennedy's assassination.
Lauren Messman

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Snap polls suggest Hillary Clinton won the first debate, Colombia's government and the FARC rebel group sign a peace deal, water plumes may have been spotted above Jupiter's moon, and more.
VICE Staff
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Did Trump Just Float the Idea of Assassinating Hillary Clinton?

"If she gets to pick her [Supreme Court] judges, nothing you can do, folks," Trump said. "Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is. I don't know."
VICE Staff

What We Know About the Murder of a West Virginia Coal Magnate

The executive who publicly wept after 12 miners were killed at one of his plants in 2006 was found shot to death near his wife's grave.
Allie Conti

What It's Like to Get Shot in the Head

"It was a noise that I'll never forget."
Michael Edison Hayden
Inside Outsider

What I Learned as a Young Muslim Reading Salman Rushdie's 'The Satanic Verses'

'The Satanic Verses' is to Muslim intellectuals what 'Infinite Jest' is to hipsters: It's on everyone's shelves and they all have strong opinions on the author, but most haven't read past the first 30 pages.
Mahmood Fazal