asset forfeiture


Why Doesn’t the US Government HODL Seized Bitcoins?

The US government keeps seized cash, but auctions seized Bitcoin. What gives?
Daniel Oberhaus

The Long Struggle to Reform the System That Lets Cops Casually Seize Property and Cash

Politicians in both parties have been trying to overhaul the process by which police confiscate the cash and belongings they think have some vague connection to crime. Then Donald Trump happened.
Max Rivlin-Nadler
wu tang clan

Legal Ways to Acquire that Wu-Tang Album That Don't Involve Bill Murray

Shkreli owns the album. The FBI arrested Shkreli. And the American taxpayer owns the FBI. So what can we do?
Sarah Jeong
Bad Cop Blotter

Want to Keep the Cops Out of Your Phone? A Fingerprint Scanner Won't Help

Law enforcement agents can make you swipe a finger to unlock your cell phone, but old-school passwords still offer some measure of privacy.
Lucy Steigerwald

Are Libertarians Really to Blame for Ferguson?

The libertarian crowd has been warning about militarized police pretty much forever. But now they're getting blamed for empowering out-of-control local governments (and their cops).
Lucy Steigerwald
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Cops Can Take Your Stuff Without Convicting You of Anything

Since 2001, US police have seized $4.2 billion worth of goods from the public without so much as a trial.
Lucy Steigerwald
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Letting Marijuana Offenders Pay to Turn Felonies into Misdemeanors Is a Terrible Idea

It's a reform only the rich could love.
Lucy Steigerwald
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The Police Can Take Your Cash Without Charging You with a Crime

As Tan Nguyen found out when he drove with $50,000 in gambling winnings through Humboldt County, Nevada, the cops can seize your money even if you haven't been accused of any wrongdoing.
Lucy Steigerwald
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Legalizing Pot Makes Police Departments Poorer

Property seized in drug raids can help fund police operations, but now that marijuana is legal in Washington and Colorado there are going to be fewer drug raids, which means fewer seizures, which means less money for the cops. Good.
Lucy Steigerwald
Bad Cop Blotter

Asset Forfeiture, the Cash Cow of the Drug War

Cops routinely seize assets—like cars, money, and even hotels—that are linked to criminal activity, even if the property owner hasn't been convicted of a crime. This leads to a dangerous system of incentives whereby cops seize property in drug busts so...
Lucy Steigerwald