Everything We've Learned from NASA's Study of Identical Twin Astronauts

A year-long experiment involving Mark and Scott Kelly found that long duration space trips affect genes, eyeballs, and cognitive abilities.


An Astronaut Accidentally Dialed 911 From the International Space Station

Astronauts, they’re just like us!


The Plan to Seed Life on Alien Planets

The 50th anniversary of "Earthrise" is the perfect opportunity to think about sending Earth's life to the stars.


Scientists Found Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria In Space

NASA scientists found drug-resistant strains of bacteria in the ISS toilets, but say they pose no threat to the astronauts—for now.


Here’s How Astronauts Vote in Elections

A special Texas law gives astronauts the opportunity to cast an absentee ballot, of sorts, if they want to vote in an election on Earth.


You Can Buy Actual Moon Rocks for the First Time in Decades

Now's your chance to blow a million bucks on some "tremendously rare" space pebbles.


What Scientists Found Inside the Brains of 10 Russian Cosmonauts

By imaging the brains of cosmonauts before and after their stints on the space station, neuroscientists discovered how microgravity influences the mind.


Astronauts Try Out ‘Skinsuits’ To Prevent Slipped Discs and Spine Stretching

A taste of Earth’s gravity, now in unitard form.


Trump doesn't want to pay for the Space Station

The ISS costs the U.S. between $3 billion and $4 billion a year.


An astronaut worries he grew too much in space to fit in pod that takes him home

Good thing the Russian Soyuz capsule was expanded to accommodate tall Americans


Earth Microbes Could Sabotage the Journey to Mars

A new study found a healthy community of microbes in the ISS, but this doesn’t mean that a journey to Mars would be safe for the microbe and human travellers.


Happy Space Thanksgiving: How the Food-Stuffed Holiday Went Orbital

“Just as on Earth, our feelings about Thanksgiving in space weren’t determined by the quality or the appearance of the meal—but by the people we shared it with.”