athletes' rights

athletes' rights

How a Little-Known NCAA Rule Shuts Athletes Out of the Legal System

The NCAA's Restitution Rule ostensibly exists to prevent cheating, but critics claim its true purpose is to intimidate college athletes and prevent them from suing the association.
Steve Silver

​The Sporting Singularity: How Traditional Sports and Esports Are Dovetailing

Several developments in September pushed two disparate fields closer together than ever. What does that mean for the future of sports?
B. David Zarley

The One Simple Protest Strategy That Could Change College Sports for Good

In the ongoing fight for college athletes' rights, there's a powerful weapon hiding in plain sight: a mass cover-up of the paid-for corporate logos that festoon their shoes and uniforms.
William S. Wilson
college basketball

In New Documentary, Former USC Football Player Bob DeMars Sheds Light on the Dark Side of College Sports

Made by a former NCAA athlete and featuring the stories of many others, the new documentary "The Business of Amateurs" explores topics like pay-for-play, brain trauma, and athletes' rights.
Patrick Hruby

Cash-Strapped Track and Field Athletes Still Fighting to Unionize

Professional track athletes like Adam Nelson and Nick Symmonds want to protect athletes' rights during the Olympics.
Mary Pilon
college sports

Four Years A Student-Athlete: The Racial Injustice of Big-Time College Sports

While the NCAA’s rules governing college athletes are colorblind, the impact of amateurism is anything but—disproportionately costing black football and men's basketball players and benefiting white stakeholders by as much as $2 billion a year.
Patrick Hruby
athletes' rights

A Snowboarder Sues the IOC

After his event was removed from the 2018 Winter Games, U.S. snowboarder Justin Reiter filed a lawsuit against the IOC. His case has the potential to set a precedent for all athletes to have their voices heard within one of sport’s largest...
Will Grant