Atlantic Ocean


This Robot Is Livestreaming All the Gnarly Stuff It’s Seeing in the Deep Sea

Ride along with Global Explorer as it films massive carcasses and crabs stuffing their faces.
Becky Ferreira
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Monster Icebergs Crowding Canada’s Coast Are Likely Harbingers of Climate Change

They're a beautiful sight, and a looming reminder of our changing planet.
Bryson Masse
Donald Trump

Obama Blocked Trump from Drilling the Arctic and Atlantic With This Obscure Law

In a preemptive move, President Obama invoked a little-known law to permanently keep oil and gas drilling out of the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans.
Sarah Emerson

This Underground Stew Cooks Using Volcanic Heat

On São Miguel in the Portuguese archipelago of the Azores, locals dine on Cozido das Furnas: a meat stew buried underground and cooked using natural heat. “Some people say they can taste the sulphur,” says chef Paulo Costa.
Michael Segalov
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Obama Just Created the First Marine National Monument in the Atlantic Ocean

The monument will preserve 4,913 square miles of underwater canyons, coral reefs, extinct volcanos, and exotic wildlife off the coast of Massachusetts.
Matthew James-Wilson

If the Garden of Eden Had a Vineyard, This Would Be It

Jesuit priests first came to Madeira in 1595 and set about creating a Biblical Eden of grapevines at the bottom of a 300-metre cliff. Malmsey wine is still made on the island today, even using the priests’ original vines.
Johanna Derry
Long Island

Newly Discovered Great White Nursery Is 'Holy Grail' of Shark Research

"Probably the most significant discovery we’ve ever made on the ocean."
Sarah Emerson

Underwater Archaeologists Are Exploring an Undisturbed WWII Battlefield

NOAA explorers are bringing the "Battle of the Atlantic" back to life.
Sarah Emerson
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Why Green Crabs Are Invading the East Coast

The gophers of the sea, they dig and dig, destroying eelgrass habitats.
Nathan Baril

Obama Administration Reverses Course, Will Not Allow Oil & Gas Drilling Off the Atlantic Coast

The administration proposed in early 2015 oil and gas exploration off the costs of Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia — but, citing widespread opposition, the Interior Department has decided not to allow drilling.
Matt Smith

US-Canada Climate Change Agreement Signals Potential Hurdles for Offshore Atlantic Drilling

US President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau pledged to curb methane emissions and protect the Arctic — and environmentalists say the same principles should be applied to offshore drilling in the Atlantic.
Matt Smith
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The 73-Year-Old Adventurer Sailing a 60-Foot Steel Whale Across the Atlantic Ocean

Tom McClean left the British Special Air Service to row solo across the Atlantic Ocean, a feat he's achieved five times. Now, at 73, he's ready to do it again—in a giant steel sperm whale.
Joe Banks