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'We Were Guinea Pigs': Soldiers Explain What Nuclear Bomb Blasts Feel Like

"It was as if someone my size had caught fire and walked through me."


Edward Teller: the Real-Life Dr. Strangelove

In this documentary, Motherboard explores the life and legacy of the father of the hydrogen bomb.


The Only Way to Prevent Another Nuclear Strike Is to Get Rid of All the Nukes

Doomsday Clock scientist Dr. Lawrence Krauss says as long as we possess nuclear weapons, it's 'unavoidable.'


Scientists Think We're Closer to 'Doomsday' Thanks to Climate Change and Trump

The "Doomsday Clock" is now set 30 seconds closer to midnight.


North Korea will probably keep testing nukes no matter what the US does

Kim Jong-un’s regime has repeatedly made a mockery of international sanctions designed to stop the country’s development of nuclear weapons.


After 70 Years of Nuclear Fallout, Will Bikini Atoll Ever Be Safe Again?

The nuclear arms race displaced 167 Marshallese as refugees in their own country, and today the fallout still persists.


Obama Calls For a World Without Nuclear Weapons During Historic Hiroshima Visit

The US President laid a wreath at a memorial, talked about nuclear disarmament, and spoke with survivors, marking the first visit of an incumbent president to the site of the world's first atomic bombing.


Obama Will Visit Hiroshima — But He Won't Apologize for US Dropping the Atomic Bomb

The bombing of Hiroshima was the first time that a nuclear weapon was ever used in war, and it killed between 60,000 and 80,000 people instantly.


Here's an Essential Guide to Radioactive Art

Over 60 artists find new ways to explore nuclear post-disaster in 'The Nuclear Culture Source Book.'


We Asked an Expert if the World Needs to Worry About North Korea's H-Bomb Claims

Did they really have a successful hydrogen bomb test? Can they really miniaturise their bombs and attach them to rockets? Or is it all just empty bragging?


Yes, North Korea Probably Tested an H-Bomb — Just Not the Kind You’re Thinking Of

North Korea’s claim that it successfully detonated a hydrogen bomb has been met with widespread skepticism, but there are reasons to believe Pyongyang.


Artist Wreaks Havoc and Destruction Using Torn Paper

Polish Artist Piotr Uklanski's lesser known art.