Report: Tennis Has a Pretty Serious Match-Fixing Problem

This is not good.
Sean Newell

Engineers Combine Biological Energy-Harvesting with Electronic Circuits

The future promises bomb-sniffing dogs on a chip and so much more.
Michael Byrne
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Tennis Prodigy Duck Hee Lee Sees His Deafness as a Weapon, Not a Disability

Duck He Lee, 16, is South Korea's best men's tennis prospect in a generation. He's also deaf.
David Cox

Israel, Politics, and the Curious Case of Tennis Pro Malek Jaziri

Tensions between Israel and various Arab nations are spilling over into the world of professional tennis and making for some dangerous situations.
Lindsay Gibbs

Tomas Berdych and Conquering the Big Four

Now set to play in his fifth straight year-ending finale, Berdych has been consistently good, but can he finally move beyond that?
Smriti Sinha

We Need to Rethink Our Approach to Seafood Altogether

I firmly believe that we need to change our mindset for a more ethical approach to how we farm, catch, kill, handle, and consume seafood. It's not just that we're overfishing species out of season, but we're letting them die in a way that benefits no...
Shannon Bennett
Motherboard Blog

Listen To This Free Mix Caribou Did for ATP's Nightmare Before Christmas

Caribou's Dan Snaith "put this together": for ATP's "upcoming fest": in Minehead, UK and it's pretty rich and the good kind of buckshot. It's disturbingly Christmas-y...
Michael Byrne
The Seeing Trails Issue

Goo In Your Hand!

This just in! Ben Rayner went to the My Bloody Valentine ATP in December and made a zine out of what he saw. He also partied with an obscure Canadian group called Fucked Up.
Andy Capper, Photos: Ben Rayner