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Leikeli47's Tiny Desk Concert Is a Really Great Jazz Show

The Brooklyn rapper and her four-piece band performed the jazz rendition of 'Acrylic' you didn't know you needed.
Kristin Corry

An Interview in a Nail Salon with Leikeli47 About Her New Album ‘Acrylic’

A morning at a nail salon with Brooklyn rapper Leikeli47 revealed why her sophomore album, 'Acrylic' provides a snapshot of black life and a masterclass on the value of black-owned businesses.
Kristin Corry
mental health

The Surprisingly Positive Effects of Being a Pessimist

Author and professor Eugene Thacker tells us about how pessimism can be a form of self-help.
Zachary Siegel

We Asked Experts How to Survive a Soul-Sucking Job

When you can't tell your boss to shove it, and there's just no way you'll ever love it.
Anna Goldfarb
Tonic Talks

Rudeness Is Becoming an Epidemic

It's like poison for the brain.
Rajul Punjabi

How Pessimism Can Impact Your Health

Last week, a study led by researchers in Finland on the health and wellbeing of older people in the country found that pessimism "seems to be a substantial risk factor for death" from heart disease. We talked with a psychology professor about the...
Kimberly Lawson

Do We Still Need Gay Awards Ceremonies in 2015?

I went to this year's Attitude Pride Awards to find out if these kinds of events are segregationist, or if they still highlight the kind of LGBT role models society needs.
Chris Godfrey