Aubrey Graham


Drake's 'Scorpion' Album Trailer is Moody as Hell

The King of Emotions Aubrey Graham broods a lot in his brooding new video.


Drake Picked a Fight with Kendrick Perkins for Some Reason

The Toronto Raptors biggest fan and the Cleveland Cavaliers reserve had some beef which involved Drake calling Perkins a "fucking pussy."


Drake's 'Take Care' Is the Greatest Emo Album of All Time

Five years after its release, the album remains the most candid view we've ever had of Aubrey Graham: crestfallen, contemplative, and alone in a life of luxury.


Watch Drake's Video For "Child's Play" Featuring a Very Angry Tyra Banks

While we were all either at Made in America or the Summer Sixteen show in Houston (or doing neither of those things while desperately wishing we were), Mr. Graham dropped the video for "Child’s Play."