audiovisual art

light art

Pulsing Laser Installation Sweeps Viewers into an Electronic World

The room housing Ryoichi Kurokawa's 'Node 5:5' hisses like a snake and glows with energy and danger.
Anna Marks
audiovisual art

A Virtual Universe of Multisensory Psychedelia Appears in Barcelona

For this year’s Sónar Festival’s +D stage, Berlin-based artist Tarik Barri debuted a new 3D generative audiovisual performance.
DJ Pangburn
audiovisual art

A Hacked Typewriter Becomes a Strange Musical Instrument in this Dark Video

In a darkly still art performance, a vintage typewriter finds its voice examining the connection between thought and language.
Diana Shi
interactive sculptures

You Can Play These Giant Sculptures Like Musical Instruments

The Seattle-based art trio Let’s creates giant psychedelic multimedia sculptures.
DJ Pangburn
digital art

Joy Division Tees Meet a Xerox Machine From Hell in denial.of.service’s Latest Video

Onryō features scan lines, bodily figures, and what its creator calls “excruciating rotoscoping.”
Emerson Rosenthal
science art

This A/V Installation Lets You Explore an Infinite Subatomic Realm

Tarik Barri’s 'Matter of Perspectives' takes inspiration from the teeny tiny world of nanotechnology.
Kevin Holmes

A 250' Telescope Hosts Brian Eno's Generative Projection Art

Brian Eno's '77 Million Paintings' was recently projected as a huge light installation on the UK's Lovell Telescope.
Kevin Holmes

Immerse Yourself in Abstract Visuals Distilled from Nature

Mark Eats' audiovisual piece 'Primary Forms' turns nature's recurring patterns into interactive projections.
Kevin Holmes

The New 'Waterballet' Looks Like a Miyazaki Landscape

Audiovisual artist Kamiel Rongen choreographs ballets in a fishbowl.
Nicole Walsh

A Glitched-Out Dance Performance Takes Over The Armory

Jason Akira Somma's four-part dance and glitch art exhibition at The Park Avenue Armory offered a giltch-perfect exploration of technology and the human body.
Beckett Mufson