Australia's Faulty Welfare Program Shows the Perils of Big Data

"This is a political failure dressed up as an an IT failure... [Big data is] a powerful tool. How that tool is used—for good or evil—depends on how accountable the people are who wield it."


Ten Years Since Cronulla, Things are Most Definitely Worse

Australia has generally treated the Cronulla riots as an aberration. But as I watched images of the Cronulla riots unfold on TV 10 years ago, I remember an overwhelming feeling of inevitability.


The Number of Ways in Which Australia Has Failed Female Refugees Is Staggering

We need to decide if we're actually going to do something about systemic violence against women, or just act like it.


Australia Was Shocked at Mark Latham's 74th Meltdown

Latham's analysis, which had all the depth of slightly damp concrete, revealed that Sydney had a "Muslim problem", recommending that ASIO monitor groups of "welfare dependents" who sit around "bitching about Western culture" all day.


We Asked an Expert if Uber in Canberra Will Save Australian Taxpayers Money?

"You've got to keep in mind that public servants are not price-sensitive—they're not paying the bill."


Here's How Australia's Student Press Feels About Uni Deregulation Being Shelved

"University management may have a harder time in a regulated system, but it is well known that they are tyrannous kings who drink the blood of the young in their restless hunt for immortality."


The Bronwyn Bishop Cheat Sheet

Too busy to hate-watch 'Parliament Question Time' with regularity? Here's everything you need to know about the freshly-resigned Speaker of the House and her helicopter related downfall.


A Blow-by-Blow Account of the Wong vs Bernardi Gay Marriage Debate

It was set to be the most fascinating meeting of the minds since Gore Vidal debated the Iran-Contra affair with a small plate of cottage cheese.


Tony Abbott Should Watch More TV

Television has always had a huge and direct impact on social policy. Abbott's dismissal of the medium isn't just intellectually dishonest, it's plain out of touch.


Great Legacies and Bad Memories: How will Future Generations See Our Current Crop of Leaders?

Given enough time, even the most reviled politician has a chance at redemption.


Remembering the Man Who Moved Left

Former Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, has died at the age of 84


The Australian Government Is Fuming Over the AHRC's Report on Children in Detention

Tony Abbott responded to the report by recommending the commission send former Immigration Minister Scott Morrison a thank-you note for his work protecting human rights.