Mexico's President Has Been Compared to Trump, but He's Still Incredibly Popular in Mexico

“I used to say I thought López Obrador and Trump were similar in superficial ways. I now think it’s not just superficial,” a former U.S. Ambassador to Mexico said.
Emily Green

How Erdoğan gained near-absolute power in Turkey

A look at how leaders around the world rule and maintain power.
Milena Mikael-Debass

This Is How American Democracy Could End

We asked a leading political scientist about his terrifying new book.
Harry Cheadle
Donald Trump

Here's What a Real Constitutional Crisis Would Look Like

A step-by-step guide to the moves Donald Trump could make that experts say would bring us into truly uncharted territory.
Mike Pearl

Trumpwave and Fashwave Are Just the Latest Disturbing Examples of the Far-Right Appropriating Electronic Music

Producers are turning synthwave and vaporwave into fascist propaganda. But history is full of similar examples.
Penn Bullock and Eli Kerry
Views My Own

I Study Authoritarian Despots, and Trump Is Borrowing a Lot of Their Tactics

It doesn't mean Trump is a despot or will become one. But it does mean we should worry.
Brian Klaas

Why Authoritarianism Refuses to Die

The death penalty and sex crimes have more to do with the psychology of this year's lurch to the right than you might think.
Tshepo Mokoena

The Depressing Relevance of Totalitarianism Sim 'Beholder'

Between the election of Donald Trump and the UK's Brexit vote, 'Beholder' doesn't feel like an alternate reality.
Patrick Klepek

The World Didn't Seem to Notice That China Gave Robert Mugabe a Peace Prize

Zimbabwean media reported that he had received the award on Sunday to little notice, but after word of the irony spread on social media, Western news outlets began amplifying coverage of the dubious distinction.
Olivia Becker
Bad Cop Blotter

You Can Get Years in Prison For Bringing Legal Guns to the Wrong State

Throwing people in jail for not knowing the ins and outs of every state's gun control laws is pretty crazy, but it keeps happening across the US.
Lucy Steigerwald