Chuck Palahniuk Hung Out with 'Separatists of Every Stripe' for New Novel

"So many generations have been raised on bird flu, swine flu, Y2K, Ebola, housing collapse, ozone holes, and peak oil panics that we wouldn't know how to live if we weren't constantly expecting our annihilation."
Peter Rugh

How Hunger and Taste Have Secretly Defined the Course of Civilization

In his book Food Fights and Culture Wars, Tom Nealon posits questions like: "Did the advent of the dinner party spark the French Revolution?" and "Did lemonade cure the plague?"
Emily Monaco
Vice Blog

Five Writers Who (Almost) Got Away With Lying

Laura Albert's creation of JT LeRoy wasn't the only identity-switcheroo pulled by a writer.
Layla Halabian

'The Pain Was So Deep': OITNB Star Diane Guerrero on Her Family's Deportation

In her new memoir, "In the Country We Love," actress Diane Guerrero depicts the impact of a family torn apart by US immigration policy.
Marla Bahloul

Chuck Palahniuk Told Us About 'Lullaby' the Movie

The infamous author talks shock, his first screenplay, and 'Fight Club 2,' the graphic novel.
Emerson Rosenthal

Why New York Is So Terrifying and Alienating

In her new book, The Lonely City: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone, Olivia Laing explores the way various artists across several decades have interpreted New York's ability to alienate and exclude its inhabitants.
Patrick Lyons

Lena Andersson Writes About the Desperate Consequences of Being in Love

Lena Andersson is one of Sweden's most talked-about authors and a leading authority on love. She shared some insider tips about the big, scary sensation and chatted about her book Willful Disregard.
Emil Sandell

How Wahida Clark Became the Queen of 'Street Lit' From Inside a Prison Cell

We talked to the originator of the street lit fiction genre to discuss how she pioneered a nuanced take on the romance novel from within a federal prison.
Seth Ferranti
All in Your Head

‘I Loved the 90s’: R.L. Stine Reflects on ‘Goosebumps’ Past and Present

We talked to the Goosebumps author about technology, the future, and what really scares him.
Kaleigh Rogers

'These Schmucks Were Geniuses!': Poet Eileen Myles Remembers Her New York

We sat down with the writer to talk about her career, how New York has changed, and the problems LGBT people still face.
Hugh Ryan

Apple Looks to Take Ebook Case to Supreme Court

The company said the case “presents issues of surpassing importance to the United States economy.”
Kari Paul
The Road to Nowhere Issue

Two Vodkas and One Iced Coffee with Salman Rushdie

VICE caught up with the iconic author to discuss his 12th novel, 'Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights.' As he chatted about everything from fatwa to Twitter feuds, Rushdie proved he is as controversial, and incredible, as ever.
Aidan Flax-Clark