useful inventions

The Military Reinvented the Wheel, They're Triangles Now

A new wheel that Carnegie Mellon scientists developed for DARPA adapts to its environment.
Matthew Gault
Formula E

I Saw the Future of Transportation at New York’s First Electric Car Race

Formula E is an international circuit designed to race cars that are changing the automotive industry.
Ankita Rao

This Gadget Is Stopping Traffic Collisions Before They Happen

Because in a fight with a truck, you’re gonna lose.
Meredith Rutland Bauer
You'll Sleep When You're Dead

Making a Car that Won't Let You Sleep

Algorithms, sensors—there's There's even talk of using biometrics and wearables, data derived straight from a driver's body, to determine if a person is too tired to drive.
Matthew Braga
short circuit

'Forza 6' Made My Dream of Driving a 15-Year-Old Nissan Come True

A game like Forza 6 is hyped and sold by featuring the most unattainable, stratospherically rare cars it can, even if that misses the point entirely.
Derek Mead
Motherboard Blog

Your Car Needs an App: The Automobiles of CES

The car of the future will be a smartphone you can drive.
Derek Mead
Motherboard Blog

Hydrogen Cars Are Popular Again, Even If Hydrogen Filling Stations Aren't

Can anything beat oil?
Derek Mead
Motherboard Blog

The Cultural Significance of Lowriders in America

For fans of music made in the post-"War": era, lowriders -- the flashy classic cars with tiny wheels, Snoop's 64 Impala -- are the stuff of West Coast rap videos, with the crown of biggest baller...
Michael Arria
Motherboard Blog

In the 80s, Japanese Dudes Drove Power Rangers

Japan is well-known for spawning multitudes of sub-cultures within any cultural sphere, be it music, fashion, and even cars. Japanese car culture, tortured movies like Tokyo Drift aside, is filled with so many derivatives, offshoots, and homages that...
Derek Mead