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This Autonomous Testing Ground Is Laying the Groundwork for the Future of Transportation

Since opening in 2015, Michigan’s Mcity has been testing the reliability of self-driving cars in a model city, complete with fake pedestrians.
Jay Fleming
Autonomous Car Crash

Uber Self-Driving Car Operator Was Watching Hulu When the Car Struck and Killed a Pedestrian

A new police report shows the fatal crash in Tempe, Arizona could have been avoided.
Sarah Emerson

Electric Cars Make Excellent Autonomous Vehicles—So Why Are Most AVs Gas-Powered?

These engineering students are making an autonomous electric car.
Tracey Lindeman

Inside BlackBerry’s Push to Dominate the Security Market for Autonomous Cars

After its epic smartphone failure, BlackBerry is determined to fend off competitors in automotive.
Tracey Lindeman
autonomous cars

Uber Self-Driving Car Kills Arizona Woman, the First Pedestrian Death By Autonomous Car

The death of an Arizona woman hit by an Uber self-driving car marks the first pedestrian fatality by an autonomous vehicle.
Sarah Emerson
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Uber Wants to Fill the Boredom of Self-Driving Cars With VR

The company aims to patent virtual reality technology that lets you jack in while on the road.
Sarah Emerson

The 5G Network Probably Won’t Be Good Enough for Self-Driving Cars

Car-to-car meshnets could enable self-driving cars where there’s no internet.
Tracey Lindeman
To Elon, From Eric

Emails Show Los Angeles Mayor’s Office Asked Elon Musk for a Driverless Car Program

So whatever happened?
Sarah Emerson
Uber mad

Uber Doesn't Want to Share Self-Driving Car Crash Data With the DMV

What's more important to Uber: proprietary data or rider safety?
Sarah Emerson
Artificial Intelligence

Driving Is Social. Autonomous Cars Aren't, Argues Computer Scientist

"Driving isn't just a mechanical operation but also a complex social activity."
Michael Byrne

Google’s Self-Driving Cars Have a New Name: ‘Waymo’

It stands for a new way forward in mobility. Also--the name of a workout in Arkansas.
Madison Margolin

What Does the Future of War Look Like?

On an all new episode of 'CYBERWAR', we talk to experts about the complications that come with writing code for machines that kill.
VICE Staff