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The Army is preparing to send driverless vehicles into combat

These autonomous vehicles and high-tech machines push the military into the 21st century (and ahead of Russia)


This Autonomous Testing Ground Is Laying the Groundwork for the Future of Transportation

Since opening in 2015, Michigan’s Mcity has been testing the reliability of self-driving cars in a model city, complete with fake pedestrians.


Former Apple Employee Charged With Stealing Self-Driving Car Secrets

Charges against Xiaolang Zhang allege that the Apple engineer was going to take self-driving car tech to a Chinese company.


Replacing the NYC Subway System With Autonomous Cars Is a Terrible Idea

The subway may be ailing, but it's too important to give up on now.


Autonomous Boats Will Be On the Market Sooner Than Self-Driving Cars

About 90 percent of global shipping is done by sea.


How Self-Driving Car Policy Will Determine Life, Death and Everything In-Between

The time to think about ethics in autonomous vehicle accidents is now.


Nissan Is Working On a Car That Can Read Your Mind

The automaker calls it brain-to-vehicle technology.


Self-Driving Car 'Faces' Need to Look Friendly If We Want People to Use Them

There are some scary-ass faceless cars out there.


California Is a Terrible Place to Test Autonomous Cars

Self-driving cars need testing in the rain and snow, so why is everyone in the Bay Area?


Watch Humans Fail at Being Self-Driving Cars

Where are their helmets?


Computer, I'm Drunk. Drive Me Home?

Australia's National Transport Commission argues fully self-driving cars shouldn’t be subject to DUI laws.


Germany Has Created the World’s First Ethical Guidelines for Driverless Cars

These robots are going to have to make some tough choices.