Is It GOOD or BAD to Use a Dynamite-Triggered Avalanche for an Apple Ad? We Asked Scientists

Apple’s “Don’t mess with Mother (Nature)” video—produced by the Camp4 Collective to promote the iPhone XS—included footage of a man-made avalanche.
Caroline Haskins
Waypoint 101

'Mad Max' Is the Waypoint 101 Game for May 2018

It could never live up to 'Fury Road,' but what can we learn from it in retrospect?
Austin Walker
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Earthquake off Alaska coast triggers tsunami warning, progressives rage at Dems for buckling on shutdown, FBI boss reportedly threatened to quit, and more.
VICE Staff
The VICE Morning Bulletin

The Vice Morning Bulletin

Feds probe alleged Russian payment of US hackers, Julian Assange backpedals on extradition pledge, 2016 was the hottest year on record, and more.
VICE Staff
Holy Shit

Gadzooks! You Can Hear a New Madlib and DOOM Song Called "AVALANCHE" Right Now

But don't you DARE call it Madvillain.
Phil Witmer

Authorities Just Shut Down One of the World’s Largest Malware Networks

More than 800,000 domains were seized, sinkholed , or blocked in 'Operation Avalanche', an effort by law enforcement authorities and researchers in 30 countries.
Andrada Fiscutean
thump news

Grimes Shares Seven New Music Videos Recorded in Europe on Tour

Los Angeles musician HANA and her brother Mac Boucher also worked on the clips.
Alexander Iadarola

Disney Doesn’t Have Enough ‘Confidence’ in Video Games to Keep Making Them

Disney has canceled Disney Infinity and will no longer self-publish video games.
Emanuel Maiberg

PREMIERE: Scream Out Your Frustration to Big Deal's "Avalanche"

The gauzy gorgeousness of the London band's first album's been replace by fat riffs and howl to the wild. It's about wizards. Get involved.
Kim Taylor Bennett
Jimmy Chin

What It's Like to Survive an Avalanche with Jimmy Chin

On April 1st, 2011, Jimmy Chin was caught in an avalanche in the Teton Range in Wyoming. We animated his story of survival as he was caught in a slide that brought him to the edge of death and back.
VICE Sports

An Interview With a Climber Who Was On Everest During the Earthquake

On Saturday, a huge earthquake hit Nepal. Iestyn Richards-Rees, a 28-year-old from West Wales, was on Mount Everest when it happened.
Jamie Clifton

An Interview with a Welsh Climber Who Was On Everest During the Earthquake

Iestyn Richards-Rees was 20,000 feet up when he felt the Earth begin to shake.
Jamie Clifton