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How to Become a 3D Avatar Meme

Once you’ve translated your physical self to polygons, the potential is limitless.
Manuel Palou

These Alleged Avatar Sequel Titles Are Awful, So Here Are 50 Better Ideas

Literally anything beats 'Avatar: The Seed Bearer.'
River Donaghey
The VICE Guide to Right Now

A 'Non-Whitewashed' Reboot of 'The Last Airbender' Is Coming to Netflix

Finally, the beloved animated show is getting a second shot at a live-action adaptation.
Nicole Clark
Privacy and Perception Issue

My Avatar, My Self: How Video Games Gave Me Ownership Over My Body

As a trans kid unable to wear what I wanted, to look how I wanted, to be seen by others as I saw myself, the avatars I designed reflected more of me than any mirror ever could.
Diana Tourjée

'Kali Plays Stardew Valley,' Today's Comic by Kali Fontecchio

Kali works on getting her video game avatar a husband in today's comic.
Kali Fontecchio

'The Legend of Korra' Is Introducing Younger Fans to Same-Sex Relationships

Michael Dante DiMartino and Irene Koh discuss adapting the series into a book, and why children of color need queer representation.
Oliver Sava
Celluloid Dreams

The Bioethics Film Festival Wants Scientists to Heed the Warnings of Science-Fiction

The Penn Bioethics Film fest is trying to start a public dialog about the real scientific issues that appear in films such as 'Ex Machina,' and 'Her.'
Cait Molden

A Young Developer is Building a Virtual World to Help People Who Stutter

The system could also be used for other speech and anxiety disorders, too.
Nick Keppler
Lost in Translation

Here’s How to Create a Convincing Constructed Language for Your Video Game

We speak to Paul Frommer, who created the Na’vi language for ‘Avatar’, about making fictional tongues feel authentic.
Ian Stokes

This Surreal Alien World Is Full of Monsters, Robots, and Pinups

Pascal Blanché takes a break from art directing video games to create darkly beautiful science fiction illustrations.
DJ Pangburn
Luxury Week

Meet the Submarine Inventor Who Wants Everyone to Live Under the Sea

Deep-ocean explorer Phil Nuytten is designing an underwater base.
Jackie Wong
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Meet the British Composer Taking Cowboy Western Soundtracks Into the 21st Century

Simon Frangel sits down with Daily VICE to discuss scoring 'The Magnificent Seven' and his love of grime.
THUMP Canada Staff