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How Animal Collective's Avey Tare Escaped the World Around Him

The Animal Collective member talks to us about 'Eucalyptus,' and how recording his latest solo project recaptured the youthful fun of just making music.


Check Out Animal Collective's New Track, "Lying In The Grass"

No longer restricted to their 'Painting With' app.


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[Behind The Scenes] The Debut Music Video From Avey Tare's Slasher Flicks Is A Puppet Carnival Of Madness

We talked with director Abby Portner about making a spoof of "Psycho" using Jim Henson puppets.


Avey Tare Of Animal Collective Announces New Album, Releases Track

The project is called Slasher Flicks, including former members of The Dirty Projectors and Ponytail


Avey Tare Hosts "Transmission 3" Of Animal Collective Radio This Sunday Night

With guest mixes from The Blackouts, Ghost Capital, and Atlas Sound.