Boeing to Update Planes' Software After Two Deadly Crashes

The company says it has been working on an update to the system implicated in a deadly 2018 crash.


US Government Probes Airplane Vulnerabilities, Says Airline Hack Is ‘Only a Matter of Time’

According to DHS and other US government documents obtained by Motherboard, the DHS is continuing to investigate how insecure commercial aircraft are to cyber attacks, with one research lab saying hacking a plane may lead to a "catastrophic disaster."


Amelia Earhart Likely Died on Nikumaroro, Study Finds

Bones recovered on the remote Pacific island are more similar to Earhart than "99 percent of individuals in a large reference sample."


Airports and Planes Need to Adapt to Climate Change, Too

High temperatures are already grounding planes, but what happens if (or when) things get worse?


Robo-Falcons Will Scare Off Actual Live Birds at the Edmonton Airport

The Canadian airport says it’s the first in the world to try something like this.


United CEO apologizes before Congress as lawmakers threaten rules changes

United CEO Oscar Munoz again apologized for the April 9 incident in which a passenger, Dr. David Dao, was violently dragged off of a plane in Chicago after he refused to give up his seat.


This 1997 Flight Sim Let You Fly the F-35 Years Before It Was Ready

I first flew the F-35 as a nine-year-old.


How Whooping Cranes Learned to Migrate By Following an Airplane

There were only 15 cranes left in the world. Then people stepped up.


How Interior Jet Designers Take Creativity Soaring

We spoke to a CEO who designs luxury planes for a living.


How Much Risk Do Small Drones Pose to Aircraft, Really?

The UK government has commissioned a project that will analyse the damage drones can do to aircraft.


Watch This F-16’s Autopilot Save an Unconscious Pilot’s Life

Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System successfully avoids ground.


Facebook’s Drone Creators Are Planning an Edible Humanitarian Aid Aircraft

A disposable drone you can eat on a one-way trip to disaster areas.