Award Shows


Sandra Oh Hosted—And Literally Won—The 2019 Golden Globes

Sandra Oh won the 76th Annual Golden Globes literally and figuratively. She hosted, took home the Best Actress award for "Killing Eve," and had the world's sweetest parents.


The Chainsmokers Got a Bunch of Nominations for the Billboard Music Awards

They received 22 in total, tying Drake for artist with the most nominations.


Why Everyone at the Oscars Is Always So Damn Hungry

There's a reason the actors and other attendees get so excited when hosts give them food, and it's not just because of their pre-awards-show cleanses.


LL Cool J Was the Grammys Host That James Corden Could Never Be

Six-time host LL was not the host we wanted, he was the host we deserved.


The Game Awards 2016 Highlights: 'Death Stranding', Mass Effect, 'Overwatch'

The Game Awards brought lots of trailers, some awards, and a moment of real reflection.


The Founder of the Razzies Explains What the Academy Awards Are Getting Wrong

"Something that pompous and over-the-top as the Oscars is just begging to be ripped apart! It's like there's a big red balloon in front of you and you're holding a big, sharp pin—what are you going to do, not pop it?"


Walk the Red Carpet in This Week's Comic from Julian Glander

A well-tamed mane is key to a successful appearance.


The Oscars 2015: Live Blog

Guest blogger Pauly Shore, along with VICE contributors Megan Koester and Alex J. Mann, will get you through this with your sanity intact.


I Went to the Academy Awards of Sex Toys

It had all the fanfare of the Oscars, but with way more dildos.


The Grammys: Sam Smith Ruled, Madonna Returned to Form, and Kanye Was Kanye

Last night's 57th edition of "Music's Biggest Night" was proof once again that the Grammys will always try to be everything to everyone.


Why Are Movie Awards So Much Better Than Music Awards?

Why do music industry awards shows regularly ignore albums and artists beloved by knowledgeable music fans? Here are a few theories.


We Won an Emmy Award!

Remember last month when VICE on HBO received three Emmy nominations, and we were like, “Is it too early for a lifetime achievement award?” Well, guess what? We did it! We won an Emmy for Outstanding Informational Series or Special.