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Former Googler Laura Lark Is Spending Eight Months Living On a Simulated Mars

The computer scientist, one of the six crew members of the fifth HI-SEAS experiment, is part of a new generation redefining what it means to be an astronaut.
Ben Sullivan
Internet Exploring

Awww-SOME! Kim Kardashian West Made a Playlist of Her Favourite Kanye Songs

Sadly, "Awesome" is not on it.
Phil Witmer

Toronto Noise Punks Greys Want Less Talk, More Complaint Rock

Greys' Shehzaad Jiwani talks his gift about complaining about nothing and the overt and covert racism that follows him on tour.
Cam Lindsay

​Watch This Self-Driving, Electric DeLorean Do Donuts Like a Boss

The only thing missing is a Flux Capacitor.
Becky Ferreira
Festivals 2015

Banksy, D*Face, and How Life Is Beautiful Transformed Downtown Las Vegas into an Open-Air Art Gallery

Over three years, the festival has transformed the face of Las Vegas.
Tovin Lapan
Festivals 2015

Art and Music Collided at Day 2 of Las Vegas' Life Is Beautiful Festival

The third annual Life Is Beautiful festival is going down in downtown Las Vegas this weekend, bringing some of the biggest names in music, food, art and learning to the neon-lit desert landscape.
Chase Stevens
Holy Shit

Stream Kanye West's "Awesome," a Song Presumedly About How Awesome He Thinks Kim Kardashian Is

There's no word if this song will appear on 'So Help Me God.'
Eric Sundermann
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Watch Kanye West's Full Interview with Zane Lowe: “As I Told Obama Last Time I Saw Him...”

Just in time for the weekend, here are 43 minutes of inspiration.
Noisey Staff

​There’s Only One Reason to Launch a Porta-Potty Rocket

A screaming toilet comes across the sky.
Ben Richmond
Holy Shit

Stevie Nicks Releases "Lady," Another New Song Perfect for Crying on Your Friend's Shoulder

The track comes from her forthcoming collection of unreleased songs, '24 Karat Gold: Songs from the Vault.'
Eric Sundermann

Techno-Archaeologists Used an Abandoned McDonald's to Hijack a Satellite

"We're mostly dumpster diving for science."
Jules Suzdaltsev

There's Now a Reason to Go Fossil Hunting on the Moon

A new study shows that fossils kicked up by impacts on Earth could end up on the Moon.
Becky Ferreira