Awesome Games Done Quick


We Talk Old Games and New Recording Studios in Today's Waypoint Radio

In Waypoint Radio 214, we have Mario, we have Kingdom Hearts, and we have theme park rides.


I Can't Stop Watching This Dude Dance at Games Done Quick

How one enthusiastic fan is making Games Done Quick even more positive.


The Cosmic Horror of Games Done Quick

The combined human effort of speedrunning is a wonderful, terrifying thing to behold.


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AGDQ 2018 is coming up fast.


Narrative Speedruns Are Just More Fun

Narrative games offer a much more interesting—and hilarious speedrunning experience.


How to Explain Speedrunning to Your Parents

Stephen Colbert is going to have someone speedrun Super Mario Bros. 3 on his show this Friday. How are you going to explain this to your mom?


Blink and You'll Miss This Gamer Hit 30 Keys Per Second With Perfect Timing

The most amazing feat of The 2016 Awesome Games Done Quick speedrunning marathon isn't even a speedrun.


Gamers Are Speedrunning Classic Titles for Charity at Summer Games Done Quick

Understanding what makes perfectionist players go faster than their peers, and all for good causes.


Tetris Master Creates Artful 'V' During Speed Run

Watch an expert speedrunner beat the game and make art simultaneously.