Student Who Escaped the Night 43 Classmates Disappeared in Mexico Seeks Asylum in the US

Carmelo Ramírez Morales decided it was time to flee Mexico when his family was told they would pay the price if he didn't step down from his role as a prominent spokesman within the movement demanding justice for the 43 missing students.


Parents of Mexico's Missing 43 Students Fear They Will Never Get Answers

The families had pinned their hopes for finding out what happened to the students on a panel of international experts monitoring the government’s probe. Now those experts are about to leave the country because the government will not renew their...


Night of Terror: Mexican Police and Heavily Armed Cartels Face Off in Acapulco

The violence began when armed men attacked a hotel that was housing federal police officers sent to reinforce security in the latest of many special law enforcement offensives that have failed to bring peace to the once-glamorous resort city.


International Experts Say Mexico Has Blocked the Search for Truth in Missing Students' Case

The experts — attached to the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights — say confessions of detainees with credible complaints of torture underpin key parts of the official version of what happened to the 43 students.


Mexican Soldiers and a Federal Agent Caught on Tape Torturing a Woman

The video appears to back allegations of widespread torture in the context of Mexico’s drug wars, and the prominent role given to the army within them.


New Evidence Points to Federal Police Role in the Disappearance of 43 Mexican Students

The national human rights commission says it has a credible witness who saw and heard federal police agents okay the abduction of between 15 and 20 of the students.


International Experts Say Mexico Is Blocking Efforts to Find Out the Fate of the 43 Students

After disputing the Mexican government's version of events, a group of experts is claiming that the government is behind a smear campaign intended to destroy their reputations.


Mexico's Efforts to Tackle Police Corruption Keep Failing

A government police reform proposed in the wake of police involvement in the disappearance of 43 students in 2014 seeks to eliminate municipal forces, but the problem of extreme corruption goes much deeper.


Forensic Study Calls Bullshit on Government's Version in the Missing Mexican Students Case

The Argentine Forensic Anthropology Team found no evidence of the kind of fire required to support the government's earlier conclusion that the students were incinerated at a garbage dump. This is the second external study to demolish that version.


Two Mass Kidnappings in Mexico’s Most Violent State End With the Victims Being Released

The first kidnapping involved 22 men abducted on their way to a wedding and the second five teachers taken from their school.