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Trump Will Hate This Movie About Jason Statham Fighting a Big-Ass Shark

Jason Statham is big, but this shark is bigger.
Drew Schwartz

NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys Kill Zombies Together in This 'Hateful Eight' Parody

We talked with director Danny Roew about <i>Dead 7</i>, his horror-western hybrid that boasts a gang of post-apocalyptic zombie-killing cowboys played by members of NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, and O-Town.
Patrick Lyons

The Disabled Iraq Veteran Starring in a Military Zombie Film

Mary Dague lost both her arms in Iraq. Thanks to a million-dollar Indiegogo campaign, she's now starring alongside other ex-soldiers in "Range 15," a zombie movie that wants to show the funny side of being an army vet.
Mitchell Sunderland

'Dangerous Men' Is the Funniest and Worst Movie You'll See This Year

The magnum opus of outsider filmmaker John S. Rad wants to be a grim thriller. Instead, it's a bizarre and hilarious testament to the difficulties of creating art.
Harry Cheadle

The Strange Inside Story of the Legendarily Bad, Never-Released Fantastic Four Movie from 1994

The original Fantastic Four movie was supposedly only made to help a German film company retain rights to the characters—but no one told the director.
Mike Pearl
The Film That Made Me...

'On the Beach' Was the Film That Made Me Fear the Apocalypse

On my off days, I despair. But in general, all this morbid thinking actually thrills me, making me more grateful for every second I'm allowed. And I owe <i>On The Beach</i> for teaching me to stop worrying and to love the bomb.
Troy Farah

A Fist in the Face of God Meets... Frank Henenlotter

The lunatic genius of sexploitation cinema.
Dylan Hughes