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These Memes Beautifully Capture How Bad Baby Boomers Are at the Internet

"Cropped Boomer Images" is a deeply weird stream of flags, guns, skulls, AOC, and more!
Peter Slattery
The Power and Privilege Issue

Millennial Gigs vs. Baby Boomer Careers

Despite being stereotyped as lazy, millennials put in just about as many hours as baby boomers while getting paid less for it. We look at how the way we work has changed significantly over the generations.
Haisam Hussein
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I Went to a Workshop on How to Deal with Loitering Teens

A room filled with worried baby boomers, a 72-year-old "expert in street culture," and an actor playing a loitering teen—a recipe for a wonderful afternoon.
Pien Goutier
so sad today

Know That You Don't Know Shit: Advice from So Sad Today

You can't always fix people.
So Sad Today
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117 Million People Didn’t Vote in the 2016 Presidential Election

To mark the one-year anniversary of the 2016 election, VICE Impact will feature facts that illustrate a broken electoral system in America, and how the nation can do better.
Impact Staff
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Millennials Make up as Many Votes as Baby Boomers, but Are the Worst at Voter Turnout

For the week leading up to the one-year anniversary of the 2016 elections, VICE Impact will be featuring facts that illustrate a broken electoral system in America, and how the nation can do better.
Impact Staff
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I Asked a 'Millennial Expert' if Our Generation Is Doomed

House plants, smashed avocado, perpetual renting, and ushering in the apocalypse.
Katherine Gillespie

Yesterday on the Internet: Millennials and their avocado toast

Avocados have become the mascot in an intergenerational war
Michael Kalenderian
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Millennials make 20 percent less than their parents — and it’s killing the American dream

Spe Chen

Old People Are Getting High as Hell

After looking at the survey responses of nearly 50,000 individuals on marijuana use, researches found a 50 percent usage increase in adults aged 50-64 and a 250 percent increase in adults older than 64.
Sarah Hagi
Britain Votes to Leave the EU

Millennials blame older generations for Brexit, but whose fault is it really?

As Great Britain votes to leave the EU, recriminations are flying as to who's to blame for Brexit.

In Defense of Taking Handouts from Your Parents

Nearly three-quarters of millennials receive financial assistance from their parents after college, but most of them aren't proud of it.
Talia Jane