Baby Formula


Egypt’s Military Got In a Fight Over Baby Formula This Week

The fight for affordable baby formula exposes the tension between the country’s struggling economy and military power.
Farid Farid

An Indonesian Politician Says Instant Ramen Makes Babies Turn Gay

Arief R. Wismansyah, the mayor of the Indonesian city of Tangerang has shocked the world after asserting that instant noodles and formula milk are actually “making babies gay.”
Alex Swerdloff

The Internet Is Seeking Revenge On These Racist Baby Formula Pranksters

Two Dutch pranksters managed to get their hands onbaby formula and began targeting Asian men, first taunting them by asking if they want baby formula, then dumping entire packs of powder on them, in some sort of strange, racist twist on antiquing.
Nick Rose

This Baby Got Scurvy After Drinking Only Almond Milk

An 11-month-old baby developed scurvy—yup, the disease of pirates of yore—after being fed almond milk instead of breast milk or a cow-milk-based formula.
Alex Swerdloff
Baby Formula

There's a Massive Baby Formula Shortage and It's All China's Fault

China’s loosening of its one child per family policy has sent ripples far beyond its borders.
Nick Rose

The End of China's One-Child Policy Means Big Things in the Baby Food Industry

Now that Chinese parents can have more than one child, bankers are buying up stock of baby formula companies and dumping their shares in the condom industry.
Wyatt Marshall

China Says It's Getting Serious About Its Food Safety Laws

Under the new laws, violators will face what are widely regarded as the heaviest civil and criminal punishments ever mandated in China. Whistleblowers will be rewarded for telling authorities about violations.
Alex Swerdloff

This Bandit Is Using Baby Food to Wreak Havoc On an Ohio Town

Citizens of Port Clinton were terrorized this weekend by a food-wielding vandal known only as the “Baby Food Bandit," who took to cars and homes with a unique weapon: the cuisine of infants.
Alex Swerdloff

China Has a Grey Market for Australian Baby Formula

In China, Australian baby formula is a luxury item that can sell for $100 per tin. Now tourists and students are making easy cash by buying up supermarket stock and selling it back home for four times what they paid.
Emma Do

Ecoterrorists Want to Poison New Zealand's Baby Formula Supply

Two organizations in New Zealand have received anonymous letters threatening to poison the country's baby formula unless it halts its use of a controversial pesticide.
Matthew Zuras

On China's Singles Day, the Lonely Eat Fried Food and Spend Billions Online

Singles Day is the Chinese counterpart to Black Friday, except that it also involves eating fried dough sticks, being obsessed with the numeral one, and commiserating about not getting laid.
Hilary Pollack