international women's day

7 Empowering Ways to Spend International Women's Day

Here's a list of events going on around the country in celebration of the world's women.
Nathaniel Ainley

Lick Your Way Through Outer Space on a Popsicle-Controlled Video Game

When an arcade game is also a tasty snack...
Alyssa Buffenstein
Video Games

This Pop-Up Is Part Arcade and Part Restaurant

“The concept of Meal of Fortune is to do an edible arcade. I wanted to reimagine the restaurant experience as arcade because I wanted to see if gamifying our food would make us appreciate it more.”
Alex Swerdloff

Play a Cushion-Powered Virtual Reality Video Game by Sitting (or Standing)

Immerse yourself in the psychedelic, physical world of Prashast Thapan's Oculus Rift and RestBox-powered indie game 'Static Lagoon.'
TCP Staff

Digital Dispatches from the Super Modern Art Museum (SPAMM)

Simultaneously connecting galleries in NYC, Paris, and Moscow, digital art happening SPAMM of Virtualism explores creative behaviors and mediums in the Internet Age.
Benoit Palop
Motherboard Blog

A Week with Sportsfriends

Partying and playing with an indie gaming supergroup and their innovative, fundamentalist game suite, all under a Kickstarter countdown.
Colin Snyder

Babycastles And Slice Harvester Bring A Dystopian Pizzeria To NYC’s Criminal Court

Not your typical pizza parlor: take a closer look at Clocktower Gallery’s current pizza inspired exhibition, “Babyharvester.”
Michelle Lhooq

Gamer's Paradise: Analog Group Gaming Breaks Into The Digital Space

Increasingly, indie game developers are interested in designing games that bring people together at parties, exhibitions, and other public settings where the game serves as a social touchstone.
Leigh Alexander
Motherboard Blog

Orbit Ain't Easy: Encounters with the Kerbal Space Program

Imagine, the freedom to design your own space launch vehicle without the hassles of "budgetary constraints and bureaucratic wrangling":
Leandro Oliva
Motherboard Blog

This Is What's in DIY Games: A Teaser

I don't play games. Never have, really. During a blip of my youth you could've found me posted up in my parent's basement, getting down on brick-era Game Boy and SNES classics. True. But for me, as with too many other kids my age itching to kick off...
Brian Anderson
Motherboard Blog

Play Among the Stars: One Night Inside the Hayden Planetarium Videogame

Filled with a renewed sense of child-like wonder (and perhaps a few space martinis), a mixed crowd of lucky star gazers arrived at the Hayden Planetarium in New York City last Thursday to experience the cosmos through a lens like no other: videogames.
Janus Rose
Motherboard Blog

Babycastles is Turning the Hayden Planetarium into a Giant Videogame

Remember your first visit to the planetarium? Neil DeGrasse Tyson does -- it was what inspired him to "become an astrophysicist": in the first place. That...
Janus Rose