How the Shutdown of Backpage Disproportionately Affects Trans Sex Workers

And why we must finally realize we're only oppressing the most oppressed.
Meredith Talusan

Sex Workers Expect to Struggle After the Backpage Crackdown

The feds said the site's "adult" section was a cesspool of sex trafficking, but people in the industry saw it as the best, safest way to find work.
Michael Patrick Welch

The VICE Morning Bulletin

Facebook has a controversial plan to bring free internet to the US, Hurricane Matthew batters Florida, and more.
VICE Staff

The Rape Victim Who Is Challenging One of the Fundamental Laws of the Internet

Before their arrest, a pair of predators used Model Mayhem to find young women to sexually assault. Now one of those women is attempting to sue the website, and fighting Google and Facebook in the process.
Allie Conti

Is Paid Sex Over Now That America's Largest Escort Website Won't Take Credit Cards?

The suddenness of the ban on and the confusion it has caused will hit the marginalized hardest. That could lead some workers into dependent relationships—exactly what law enforcement is most concerned about.
April Adams

This Tech Startup Is Helping the Cops Track Sex Workers Online

Rescue Forensics claims it can scrape "massive quantities of data" from online escort ads and give that information to law enforcement, but advocates for sex workers say that such a service doesn't help anyone.
Melissa Gira Grant

An Escort Taught Me How to Sell Myself to Strangers Online

Thanks to a chance encounter with a professional lady of the night named "Amber," I was able to get a lot of helpful advice about how to turn myself into an attractive gigolo.
Justin Caffier

Why Canadian Sex Workers Won't Report Rapes to the Police

Despite widespread concern about reports of gang rapes of sex workers in Newfoundland, those at risk of being attacked haven't looked to the authorities for help.
Sarah Ratchford

Sex Work, Not Slavery

About 100 people gathered outside of the "Voice"'s offices yesterday to hear speakers denounce Village Voice Media for running a site they claim enables underage prostitutes and sex trafficking.
Paige Cornwell