Backstreet Boys


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Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys Accused of Rape

The claims have been made by singer Melissa Schuman, in a blog post.


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"Punk Nicolas Cage in 'Valley Girl.'"


'Backstreet Boys' Is The Greatest Boy Band Album of All Time

No arguments, please!!!!!


The Backstreet Boys Sampled a Fart on One Of Their Biggest Hits

The band's secret is the little used 'pull my finger' recording technique.


The Backstreet Boys are back in Las Vegas for a new millennium

With 26 dates over three months, The Backstreet Boys are blessing their fans and bachelorette parties with "Larger Than Life," their show at AXIS Theaters in Planet Hollywood.


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These Music Videos Cost Millions and Millions, But Were They Actually Worth It?

At one point, the music industry clearly had so much money that it wasn’t sure what to do with it. So they put the Backstreet Boys in space and made them dance with droids.


Nothing Is Going to Save Us: Listen to the Theme Song for Dead 7 Featuring Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC

The official promotional song for DEAD 7 shows off the vocal capabilities of our favorite 90s boy groups.


Siba’s Debut EP ‘Fruits’ Is a Pure Slice of Electro Pop Brilliance

Influenced by 90s one hit wonders from Backstreet Boys and Wheatus, the rising Copenhagen singer/producer offers up disco-smattered pop to dance to.